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EKO Motion Sensor 47L Rubbish Bin

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Keep that corner of your home or office clean and tidy with the intelligent EKO Perfect Sensor Bin. This high quality sensor bin features a patented lid that noiselessly opens with a simple wave of your hand - letting you dispose of your rubbish much more efficiently and hygienically. Complete with a ultra stylish brushed stainless steel exterior that's fingerprint resistant, the EKO Step Perfect Sensor Bin offers ease, convenience and a sleek contemporary style.

Waste bins just got clever. Enjoy the convenience of touchless trash cans with the 47L Perfect Sensor Bin.

The Perfect Sensor opens with a simple wave of the hand or the lid's built-in sensor. The lid effortlessly rises, providing quick and easy access to the bin. The lid closes automatically, featuring soft-close, the technology that allows your bin's lid to close cleanly and quietly on its own, so your hands stay clean and ready for their next task.

The bin's sleek exterior and elongated square design further update the bin's aesthetic. The 47L Perfect Sensor Bin has the hands-free operation you want, with the added bonus of foot free operation as well.

Again, simply wave your hand over the sensor in the bin's lid and—whoosh—your bin opens fully. The automatic soft-close then lowers the lid again, so your daily waste bin experience can truly be as hands-free as possible.

Moreover, the automatic soft-close prevents bin lids from being left open, a must-have for conscientious hosts, parents and pet-lovers. A removable liner with built-in bag secure makes taking out the trash and changing the bag nearly effortless.

It also makes the bin easier to clean, for those moments when even the best laid plans go awry. The entire unit allows for a cleaner, more pleasing experience for family and guests or coworkers and business associates. The clean lines and practical function of the Perfect Sensor Waste Bin make is a perfect choice for kitchens, whether at home or in the office.

EKO, the brand! Sensible eco living, that is what the brand stands for EKO! 

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In recent years, EKO - Europe has grown and has acquired a strong position on the European market. EKO products are designed in-house and manufactured in our own factory with qualified personnel. Therefore, we can guarantee an optimal quality of our products and the best value for your money.

Features :

  • 47-litre perfect sensor hands-free waste bin
  • Sensor operated open and automatic soft close
  • Built-in bag secure and removable bin liner
  • Sleek, elongated square stainless exterior
  • Fingerprint Resistant
  • The Plastic Bag ring leaves no excess plastic bag visible, keeping the bin neat
  • Motion Sensor Waste Bin - Automatically opens when you wave your hand above it
  • Fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel finish
  • Soft close ergonomic damper lid - Noise free
  • Plastic Bag Ring - The plastic bag ring leaves no excess plastic bag visible, keeping the bin neat and orderly
  • The inside of the lid has a clip so you can hang the lid from the edge while emptying and replacing bags
  • Removable inner bucket - easy to lift out and empty
  • Brushed stainless steel construction - stylish, sturdy and durable
  • Wall leaning design - helps save space
  • Ideal for any room in the house or office
  • Indoor use only
  • Dimensions : 46cm x 27cm x 65cm (WxDxH)